These Photos Prove Only Assholes Dress Their Kids Up As Trump for Halloween

We're not saying you're a bad parent if you have your kid dressed as Trump for Halloween, but...


Ever since the Richard Nixon mask become a staple for misanthropic adult Halloween costumes sometime in the late ’70s, political figures and spookiness have become a lazy visual costume joke. But, should kids ever be dressed-up as politicians? It seems like no matter who you voted for, the idea of dressing your kid up as Donald Trump feels like it’s in poor taste. And yet, now that Halloween is upon us, that hasn’t stopped some people from circulating photos of kids dressed as Trump for Halloween.

If you scroll long enough on Twitter right now, you’ll eventually encounter a few viral photos of kids dressed as Trump for Halloween. On Friday, one Twitter user with dubious credentials posted a photo of a child as Trump with the caption “Guess who he is for Halloween?” It was unclear if this kid was this person’s child, or not, but the image is a little jarring. Again, even if you’re pro-Trump (which I am decidedly not) doesn’t it seem like in poor taste to drag kids into politics?

Very often, very little children and babies can’t choose their Halloween costumes. Meaning? What their parents put them in is simply an expression of what those parents think is cute or funny. So, what’s the deal with the Trump costumes? This tweet is hardly the only example I found of kids dressed as Trump for Halloween. Pinterest is teeming with scores of baby Trumps, which, again, is pretty freaking weird any way you look at it.

So, let’s all agree as thoughtful parents not to do this. If you hate Trump, it’s not funny to dress your kid up as a “scary” politician. Trump might be the scariest president of all time, but as long as Halloween remains a holiday for children, let’s try to let children enjoy it without thinking about the monsters from the real world.

And, if you’re someone who thinks it’s cute to dress your kid up as Trump because you love Trump, the same thing applies: let your kid be something that fires their imagination and perhaps lets them have a slightly less-fraught trick-or-treating experience.