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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Cookie? 2022 Map Reveals The Most Googled Cookies In Each State

It turns out that Americans love international cookies. Who knew!

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We know that not all desserts are made the same, but cookies seem to be a universally loved sweet — probably because there are so many variations. Christmas and cookies go together as perfectly as peanut butter and jelly, which means loads of families are baking (or buying) their holiday favorites right now. But which Christmas cookie is the best of them all? While we all have our own preferences, a new map highlights which festive cookie is the most popular in each state.

Determined to find the answer, Google sorted through its Trends data to find out which Christmas cookie was searched the most in each state from December 3-9, according to Axios. The search engine giant sorted the data, with the most searched cookie being the most popular in each state.

Axios explained that the data “represents the uniquely searched cookies across the US,” and it defines “uniquely searched as a term that is over-represented in a region compared to the country.”

“Even though Christmas Cookies remain a yearly constant, the types of cookies people search for change every year, and that is what makes these results so interesting,” Jenny Lee, lead Google Trends analyst, told Axios.


After collecting and sorting, Google put all the findings into an easy-to-read map showing each state's most popular holiday cookie. According to the data, some cookie varieties stood out among the crowd, with sugar cookies, gingerbread, and peanut butter blossoms leading the pack.

According to Google Trends data, the top cookie with the most states searching the most was gingerbread which took the top spot in seven states, plus D.C. Peanut butter was close on its heels with seven states, including Minnesota, Nebraska, and Nevada.

But there was also a slew of international cookies ranking nationwide: Italian Christmas Cookies, Polish Christmas Cookies, Mexican Christmas Cookies, Linzer, Spritz, Springerle... It turns out that many Americans love international sweets, perhaps as part of their own cultural traditions to the holiday or because those cookies are just so dang good.

Other cookies rounding out the top most popular Christmas cookies include Red Velvet Cookies, Ube Christmas Cookies, Bar Cookies, Royal Icing Christmas Cookies, Hot Chocolate Cookies, Candy Cane Cookies, Mini Christmas Cookies, and Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies. Pour us a glass of milk!

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