Sure Harrison Ford may be more popular, but according to the cast, Buck has some great qualities.


The Call of the Wild Available Now on Digital Platforms

by Devan McGuinness

As many of us are starting to check off all the movies and TV shows in our streaming queue, we are always on the hunt for new suggestions. With people quarantined inside and not able to go out to the theaters as we usually would, more studios are making their movies available on digital or streaming platforms early. And thankfully, Disney is on our side, and its latest movie starring Harrison Ford is available now on Digital and the cast are huge fans of the main star, a dog named Buck.

The Call of the Wild is a family drama, and it’s based on a Jack London novel about a house dog who was kidnapped from his cozy home in California and learns to embrace his natural roots when he finds himself transplanted to the Alaskan Yukon. Harrison Ford plays the main human character, and the two have quite the adventure together.

The Call of the Wild was first released to theaters just over a month ago, but the studio has announced it’s will be available on digital streaming services early and is available now. This movie is great for kids who love dogs but are old enough for some of the situations these two find themselves in.

In an exclusive clip for Fatherly, the stars of the movie, Harrison Ford, Omar Sy and Cara Gee, along with the director, Chris Sanders, share their favorite quality of the story’s main character, Buck, the dog. Gee says “his bravery,”adding later that “he stands up for what is right” and he’s generous. Ford says, “his indomitability, his courage, his care for and his observation of his sled team.” Sanders says the dog’s “temperament” and “kindness” adding, “he’s just such a sweet guy. Sy says the dog is “a fast learner” and that’s his favorite quality.

“It’s a lovely story about how he cares for his companions,” Ford adds.

The Call of the Wild is also getting an early release to the streaming platform Disney+ hitting the service on April 3rd in the US. The family-friendly movie is available for digital sale on iTunes and Amazon today, just in time for a quarantine movie night in with the kids.