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Texas Has A New Electric Vehicle Charger Plan, And It Is Genius

The state of Texas might make it a whole lot easier to own an electric vehicle.

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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has released a draft plan that would make it a lot easier to own an electric vehicle in the Lone Star State. The state is planning to add electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state, and they’re not starting small.

The Texas Tribune reported on a draft plan released this month from the TxDOT that outlined its five-year plan to create more electric charging stations for vehicles. The initial phase of the plan will begin with the installation of way more electric vehicle chargers along the interstate highways and main corridors.

The plan is to have a charging station for electric cars every 50 miles along interstate routes that are mainly non-business. Other areas in the state will have a charging station every 70 miles. “Each station is designed to have multiple stalls so there will likely be one available whenever someone stops to charge,” The Texas Tribune explains.

The funding for the project is estimated to cost approximately $408 million over the course of five years and comes from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. There won’t be any funds for the project coming from the state’s budget since it’s a step in the national goal to create “a network of 500,000 convenient and reliable electric vehicle chargers by 2030.”

While only one percent of Texans have registered an electric vehicle, the growth in the number of EV-owners in the state has skyrocketed. As of May 31, there were 129,010 electric vehicles registered in Texas, according to the report.

“Since 2020, the total number of electric vehicles across Texas has nearly tripled as more people adopt the technology,” TxDOT confirmed in its report. “With rapidly growing adoption rates, it is necessary to ensure Texas will be able to meet the demand of these new vehicles on the road.”

The chargers will be high-powered at 150kW, a charge able to bring most electric vehicles from 10% to 80% in about half an hour, according to the report.

The TxDOT is seeking public comment on the plan before it’s finalized — so it’s not yet a done deal. But if it were to become a plan, making EV chargers nearly as accessible as gas stations would be a huge win for the environment, for kids affected by pollution, and for car owners. In order to receive the funds for the project, the department is expected to finalize the plan by August 1 to present to the Federal Highway Administration.

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