New Research Shows That Techno Music Helps Test-Tube Babies

EDM instead of IVF?

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Even if you were lucky enough to make your kid the old fashioned way, developments in fertility science have come a long way since the first “test-tube” baby was born in 1978. Recent research presented at Fertility 2017, a conference held in Edinburgh, found that one, surprising thing may help these miracles of science grow: Fresh beats.

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As The Times reported, researchers played techno tracks that had a consistent pulse, such as Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance,” for eggs at the Altra-vita IVF clinic in Moscow. Results revealed that 24-hour exposure to techno music increased the number of viable embryos by nearly a fifth, and even helped them become more fertilized after the fact. Techno beats also proved to be more effective than other styles of music such as classical, metal, and pop music. The catch is that your kid might only answer to Fatboy Slim when they come out.

Now, this isn’t limited to solely thick Russian trance beats. Dr. Dagan Wells, Associate Professor at the University Of Oxford who’s studied embryos for over 20 years, suspects the connection has something to do with how the rhythm of particular songs mimics the movements in the womb after natural conception. Past research in Spain that suggests that embryos responded similarly to Madonna, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Nirvana, Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi. In any case, if you’re exploring your IVF options, then enjoy your kid-to-be’s eclectic taste while it lasts. It will be all Kidz Bop all the time soon enough.

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