The “Tell Me Your Child Is Pooping Without Telling Me” Challenge Is LOL-Worthy

This TikTok challenge was basically made for parents of toddlers.

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A baby on TikTok makes a face that suggests they are pooping

The latest viral TikTok challenge was made for parents of toddlers — and it’s hilarious.

Parents have taken over TikTok. It’s not hard to see why: it’s actually a great hub for parents to feel like they’re not in this chaos alone. Classic TikTok challenges are, yes, usually complicated dances, but some are aimed solely at parents, like those that ask parents to give kids ridiculous gifts or sharing the pain of childbirth or breastfeeding. Some challenges, however, are just downright funny. And the “tell me your child is pooping without telling me” might be the funniest one yet.

The trend started with user @hsearfoss. She shared a video of baby Elliot sitting in their highchair enjoying what looks like mashed peas or avocado, with a voice-over voice saying “tell me your child is pooping without telling me your child is pooping,” over the short video. Her kid, Elliot, then took a break from eating to make the classic grunting noises of a baby working hard to do their number 2 job in the midst of a meal.

And the TikTok trend was born. The “tell me your child is pooping without telling me” follows the format of other viral TikTok trends, but this one is squarely aimed at parents.

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