Teen Stud Wins Valentine’s Day By Giving Chocolates To Every Girl At His School

Because carnations suck.

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Tryston Brown Valentine's Day
ABC News via Anissa Brown

This week, a teenage boy in Utah made headlines for buying 537 girls chocolates for Valentine’s Day. And no, that’s not the set-up to a bad Mormon joke. It’s the sound of 14-year-old Casanova, Tryston Brown, showing you up. He wanted to do something to make the girls at Rocky Mountain Junior High feel appreciated, but he didn’t want to leave anyone out. And you thought you knew how to crush a Hallmark holiday.

ABC News via Anissa Brown

His mother, Anissa Brown, told ABC News that she’s had many conversations with Tryston about how hard adolescence can be for teenage girls. Tryston, who has struggled with depression, researched further and found that body image issues make this age even worse for his female friends. So, the least he figured he could do was give them all a special Valentine’s Day. And that’s how he ended up in the principal’s office — not because he was in trouble for being such an empathetic male, but because he wanted to see exactly how many girls were enrolled at his school.

Tryston’s story could’ve ended with him having 537 problems (all of them girls), but when his mom reached out to a local Hershey factory and inquired about the best place to buy chocolates in bulk, she shared his story with them. Taking a page from Tryston’s book, they donated all 537 chocolates for free. And that, friends, is how a candy boy becomes a candy man.

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