Is Sex Bad For Men’s Health But Good For Women?

What a way to go.

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Sex Is Bad For Men

There’s plenty of evidence that says sex does the dadbod good, but that may not prove much beyond the fact that scientists are trying to get laid, too. Unfortunately, new research reveals that sex might be good for women, but actually bad for men. The study’s author is Hui Lui, the nemesis sociologist your never knew you had. Feel free pronounce it “horrible devil woman” if that helps soften the blow.

Researchers from Michigan State University looked at medical records of 2,204 people and found that men in their mid 50s who had sex once a week or more doubled their risk of a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions compared to men without comparable game.

Adding insult to injury, they noted that the more enjoyable individuals found sex to be, the more it increased these risks because reaching an orgasm placed a greater strain on men’s cardiovascular systems. Of course, the opposite was true for women: Data showed that an active sex life may conversely decrease their risk of a heart attack. No wonder why they live longer, but looking on the bright side: You might die doing what they love.

Rest assured, there a few caveats to these conclusions. Though the sample size was vast, it was also men between the ages of 57 and 85 — AKA Team Viagra. “It is likely that such sexual medication or supplements have negative effects on older men’s cardiovascular health,” Liu noted, but she made no mention of how many men were taking it or if specific controls were in place to account for such medication.

Until that’s sorted out, you can stand with the horny scientists who recommend getting down on the regular.

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