Seth Rogen didn't realize Adele's TV special was televised... until he got too high and had to sit in the front row.


Seth Rogen Got High for Adele's TV Concert Special and It Was Awkward

by Devan McGuinness
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There’s something about Seth Rogen telling a story that always draws us in. He seems to find himself in interesting situations all the time. The latest he told was about a “small Adele concert” that turned out to be a huge miscommunication and not small at all.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Seth talked about the invitation he received to Adele’s One Night Only CBS event. Thinking it was just a small, intimate thing, Seth and his wife, Lauren Miller, decided to “smoke a ton of weed” beforehand.

When he and Lauren arrived at the Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, they didn’t see what they expected. Instead of a small, intimate concert, they saw drones, television cranes, and film crews. Their presumption of a “small Adele concert” was really not the right one.

“The first person I see is Oprah Winfrey,” Seth said. “And I was like ‘Oh no, I think it’s a big television special.’”

Still, not a big deal he thought, he and Lauren weren’t going to be noticed. “Me and my wife were like, ‘OK maybe [we can] slink into the background? You know, like we’ll just sit in the back and it’s fine. We are not equipped mentally to deal with doing this right now,’” he said.

“So we go up to the desk, they give us our tickets and our seat numbers literally are 1A and 1B. And I’m like, ‘Oh, no! That sounds close!’”

He was high. His wife was high. And they were right in the front row of a concert that pretty much everyone was going to watch. Seth admitted that he felt awkward with a “camera literally pointed at my face.”

He continued, “The whole time I just tried to look cool, which is not a healthy thought to have,” Rogen said. “And for me at Adele — it was hard for me to look cool because I’m uncomfortable. I’m too close.”

Seth wasn’t able to sit quietly in the back and to make it all feel even more awkward for a high Seth, he questioned why he was in the front row because there were “so many more famous people than me here who should be sitting where I’m sitting.”

Seth said he was seated ahead of Drake, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kris Jenner. And he doesn’t even know Adele – they’ve never met.

“I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio is behind me thinking like, ‘Did Seth Rogen write “Rolling in the Deep?” Is that why he’s so close?’” he joked. “I’ve never met [Adele] I don’t know Adele! Adele, [if] you’re watching this, why did you do that?”

According to Seth, his appearance at the concert, which was seen by 9.9 million people on the night it aired, according to Variety, was “the most popular thing I’ve ever been in in my entire life.”

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