Thread of the Secrets to a Happy Marriage Is Full of Truth Bombs

A thread full of sage advice!

Marriage isn’t just a walk in the park. A happy, solid marriage is one that takes work: communication, self-awareness, hard conversations, and compromise. But even though those truths are more or less widespread and well-known, some people walk into marriage woefully underprepared for the (potentially) lifelong undertaking that the commitment is. Thankfully, a newly-married Redditor’s curiosity led to a viral thread that’s spilling all the secrets to a happy marriage. It’s full of one truth bomb after another.

Reddit user u/Patience_Wrong hit up AskReddit with a question that many could benefit from hearing the answer to. They posed the question, “Just got married the other day, wondering what is the key to a happy marriage?” And hundreds of people flooded the comments with really good advice.

“Always remember it’s you and your spouse vs the problem, not you vs your spouse,” eloel answered.

“Don’t forget to be friends,” said FiveSixSleven. “To make each other laugh, to have fun, and to take the time to appreciate the best parts of each other.”

the_monkey_of_lies shared that it’s all about communication. “Communication. Be open. If you can’t, then think long and hard if it’s smart to spend your life with someone you need to hide from.” One user added to that saying, “Make sure you are always open and honest with each other too. You are a partnership and need to take on challenges in life together, and if you are doing that from different POV’s, then it is so much harder to beat them.”

“Forget the nonsense about the first year being a honeymoon,” mswholock wrote, adding that this advice served them well in their marriage. “That’s BS. The first year will be the hardest year of your marriage while you work to mesh two very independent lives together, but if you stick through it and can build on each day together, then you’ll get to the honeymoon phase that lasts a lot longer.”

Other sound advice shared in the thread included being best friends with your spouse is a good foundation, recognize that no marriage is foolproof and that it’s important to split the chores and check in with each other about the workload.

The full Reddit thread, which is a few hundred comments deep, is good to read through. There’s some age-old advice we often hear when asked about the secrets to a happy marriage. But there are plenty of gems there, too, that might come in handy now or in the future.