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Scarlett Johansson Reveals Which MCU Co-Star She'd Let Watch Her Kid

by Blake Harper
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The Avengers is a roster of America’s best superheroes packed with beloved A-list stars. But which of them would you trust to watch your kid? That’s the question that Scarlett Johansson was asked during an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show while promoting her newest film, and what likely amounts to her swan song for the titular character, Black Widow.

The Black Widow star first asked if Clarkson was referring to the actual heroes, or the actors who portrayed them and Clarkson clarified she meant the actors because she felt the hero answer was too obvious.

“Oh my gosh. I knew you were gonna go with Captain America — who doesn’t go with Captain America?” Clarkson asked. “So who are you gonna pick in real life?”

Once she understood the assignment, Johannson quickly chose Samuel L. Jackson, noting that her S.H.I.E.L.D. coworker has an advantage over everyone because he has already proven his parenting skills.

“I mean, I trust all those guys so much. I’ve worked with all of them for such a long time, but you know, Sam, he has his own grown daughter, he’s got it figured out,” she said of Jackson. “I would totally trust him with my most precious piece of my heart.”

Clarkson approved of the choice and noted that Johannson’s daughter would get to expand her vocabulary under Jackson’s care.

“Your daughter would also know the F-bomb within seconds, so it’s amazing,” Clarkson said.

Jackson’s experience as a father makes him a solid choice but honestly, I wish we had gotten to hear Johansson’s answer about which of the characters she would pick as babysitter. Sure, Captain America is a swell guy but why is he automatically the answer here? After all, several other members of the Avengers are actually parents (Clint Barton!), while Steve Rodgers is a bit of a sad loner who may end up asking your kid to explain Steve Jobs or the moon landing to him.

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