Russell Wilson and Ciara’s Son Takes First Steps In the Most Perfect Place

He's following in dad Russell Wilson's footsteps (literally.)

Russell Wilson’s son Win took the metaphorical first step in his NFL career by taking the literal first steps of his life during a Seattle Seahawks’ practice.

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback shared photos on Instagram of Win taking his first steps towards Russell’s wife Ciara and daughter Sienna, writing that “watching my kids grow has given me such a perspective in life of a ‘Rookie.'”

Ciara shared a video of the moment Win actually took his first steps, as he steps away from his dad and heads towards her and Sienna. Win almost makes it to them but eventually stumbles while his family celebrates him showing off a bit of his footwork.

“Win Started Walking,” Ciara wrote. “Yay! The Days of taking his 1st Steps is here! So proud! Now…look out world!”

The family celebrated Win’s first birthday last month with a “Rookie of the Year”-themed first birthday party that included matching baseball jerseys. Russell posted a tribute to his son on Instagram for his birthday, promising that he “will always hold, guide, teach, provide, and believe in you.”

Russell has spoken previously about how becoming a father changed him as a person, as he became a stepfather to Ciara’s son Future when they were married in 2016.