“Reading is what? Fundamental.”


RuPaul SNL Sketch Teaches Kids Reading Is Fundamental

by Devan McGuinness

Storytime at the library took a little turn on Saturday Night Live this week, and it was brilliant. RuPaul hosted this week’s show and he stopped by the San Diego Public Library to teach children how to “read.” At first, the book of choice was the classic Eloise, but the reading went a little differently. Here’s what went down, and how RuPaul taught a different kind of “reading” and why it’s actually a pretty useful skill for kids!

RuPaul sits down in the reading chair wearing a pair of star-shaped glasses, declaring “The Library is open!” and starts in on the book. “Ooh, Eloise, you need to call the front desk and get a hot oil treatment for that broom on your head,” he says. “And Victoria’s Secret called. They want their wallpaper back.” Yep, he’s teaching kids a different type of “reading,” one you’d already know if you’re a fan of RuPaul’s show Drag Race.

Next up, RuPaul does his reading of Madeline, poking fun at the book’s cover art. “The Eiffel Tower is not in the woods. Girl, you betta draw France right b*tch,” he says. “Somebody actin’ like they’ve been to Paris. You ain’t never been there!”

The whole sketch is perfectly RuPaul—one of the best parts of Drag Race is when the contestants get to “read” each other, throwing put playful insults. “Reading is throwing shade,” RuPaul explains to the group of parents and kids. “A brutal insult wrapped inside a glorious word play.” And this hilarious SNL sketch plays that idea up adding the humor of throwing that snark out with children in the audience. Is there anything wrong with kids learning how to do their own “reading” now and again? Not only is it funny, but there will be times in our kids’ lives where a good clapback is needed. Who better for our kids to learn how to do a sophisticated and hilarious reading than Mother RuPaul?

The final book RuPaul takes on is Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock and he has his own theory about what Nancy was doing out in the dark. “Uh-huh, somebody found out and she grabbed some random clock and she was actin’ like she was fixin’ it. Good God, girl, get a grip. She crazy!”