Rumors Say X-Men Will Crossover From a Bizarro World to Meet the Avengers

Where has Wolverine been hiding?

20th Century Fox/Disney

Claws out! The long-awaited cinematic meeting between the Avengers and the X-Men might finally be taking shape.

A new (supposedly reliable) rumor says that Wolverine, the X-Men, and even the Fantastic Four might be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by crossing over from an alternate bizarro dimension. According to a leaker-of-movie-info, Roger Wardell, the new version of the MCU’s Fantastic Four and X-Men will come from a different dimension than all the current movie Avengers. “Earth 1610,” is connected to something called “the Ultimates” which is a different continuity of Marvel Comics heroes than what most people consider to be the “normal” universe, Earth 616. (There is some debate if the MCU world counts as Earth 616, even though Mysterio says it did in Spider-Man: Far From Home. But, we’ll stop there before you pass out.)

The larger point is more interesting: If Wolverine, Professor X, and the Fantastic Four crossover with the MCU in a future Avengers movie, they’ll likely be crossing over from another dimension, or vice versa, which would effectively “explain” why there’s been no reference to the X-Men or Fantastic Four in the existing films thus far. The forthcoming Doctor Strange movie (directed by Sam Raimi) is called Doctor Strange in the Madness of the Multiverse, meaning that it’s not crazy to think some of this crossing over from bizarro worlds could happen in that movie. (Yes, I know the “bizarro world” comes from DC Superman comics, not Marvel, but whatever.)

The best part of this rumor though isn’t just that the X-Men will meet the “regular” MCU characters (we’ve known that is coming for a while) but that John Krasinski and Giancarlo Esposito are going to be taking big roles. Most folks think Krasinski will play the leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards. Meanwhile, some folks are saying Giancarlo Esposito could be playing a new version of Magneto, a role previously played by Ian Mckellan and Michael Fassbender.

But, to that, I say, why do y’all want Giancarlo Esposito playing another bad guy? We’ve seen him as Gus in Breaking Bad, and more recently, as Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian. He doesn’t need to be Magneto. Let’s hope for Esposito is playing Professor X! As for Krasinski, sure, he’d make a good Reed Richard, but I’m hoping he plays Cyclops instead.

At this point, none of this is confirmed, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be announced very soon.