Robert called it "one of the most incredible moments of my entire life."


Robert Irwin Discusses Walking His Sister Down the Aisle - Fatherly

by Blake Harper

During an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Robert Irwin spoke about his experience walking his sister Bindi down the aisle at her wedding last year, calling it “one of the most incredible moments of my entire life.”

As many know, Robert and Bindi Irwin’s father Steve Irwin (aka The Crocodile Hunter) tragically died in 2006. So, when the time came for Bindi to be walked down the aisle on her wedding day to Chandler Powell, she asked her younger brother Robert to take their dad’s place. Robert said he “felt so honored” when his sister asked him but admitted that it also made him think about how happy his dad would have been if he could have been there.

“I think for me I was incredibly emotional at the same time, not only being so proud for Bindi, it’s such a happy day, but also kind of thinking how much I wish that dad could have been there and that was his job to walk her down the aisle,” Robert explained. “But I felt very honored to be there… sort of on his behalf and we definitely felt him on the day.”

Bindi and her now-husband Chandler made sure to pay tribute to Steve during their ceremony, including having a picture of him blown up on an easel next to Robert and their mom so that “it really felt like he was there with us.”

“It was a lovely moment of peace and happiness,” Bindi said.

Since their marriage, Bindi and Chandler have also announced that they will be having their first child together in 2021 and Bindi even posted a sweet message to her brother, noting that she knows he will be “the best uncle” to his niece.

“You’re always there for me and I know you will be the best uncle when our baby girl is born,” Bindi wrote. “Love you.”