Rick and Morty Popped Up in the Background of a ‘My Little Pony’ Episode

The mad genius scientist and his nephew were spotted in Equestria disguised as ponies.

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Rick and Morty has been off the air for nearly six months with no news of a fourth season coming any time in the near future. So fans of the Adult Swim show are desperate to get their fix of the animated nihilistic shenanigans. Fortunately, while Rick and Morty, the show, may be on hiatus, Rick and Morty, the characters, appear to be as active as ever. In fact, the two were recently spotted in the background of an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In the episode “Grannies Gone Wild”, Rainbow Dash, one of the “Mane Six”, is trying to get on a totally awesome roller coaster but there’s a massive line that she’ll have to wait in to get to ride. The episode shows a few of the other ponies queued in line, including two ponies who look oddly familiar.

Reddit user Roxopenguim decided to take a closer look and, upon further examination, confirmed that it was none other than Rick, the alcoholic mad scientist, and Morty, his worry-wart nephew. A screenshot from the episode shows that My Little Rick has a white lab coat, blue hair, and a look of cynicism and impatience, while My Little Morty looks so nervous about the ride that he might soil himself.

But why would these two interdimensional travelers decide to transform themselves into Ponies and visit Equestria and ride a roller coaster? Were they on the run from a vicious bounty hunter and had to turn themselves into Ponies to evade capture? Were they on a mission in Equestria and got bored? Or did they truly go through all of this for the sole purpose of riding what we can only assume is one of the greatest roller coasters in any known universe? We may never know.

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