Reddit Thread Of Retro Toys We Wanted But Never Got As Kids Goes Viral

We need to go to the store and use our adult money on Lego right now.

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Toy cars

It’s almost certain that we all have a story of a toy we desperately wanted when we were kids. We would sit and watch the commercial every time it came on TV. We’d circle it in red marker in the toy catalogue that landed on our doorstep. And hoped every gift we opened would have it inside, but shamefully, it wouldn’t. Now, people have taken to Reddit to share those stories, and they’re relatable, wholesome, and giving us major nostalgia.

A Reddit thread in r/AskReddit is full of these stories after user PunchyPractitioner wanted to know: “What did you want as a child but never got?” Redditors flooded to the comments to reminisce over the toys, and reading through the comments is giving us a big itch to go to the toy store.

“One of those little cars that are made of plastic, but you can sit in them and drive them. They move at like, 2mph,” writes CandelaBelen. Several people replied, recognizing right away that they were talking about Power Wheels.

For qwerty6556, it was more an experience that they were missing than a toy. “A trip to space camp,” they said. Adding, “Nickelodeon made it look so cool! I wasn’t my sister, though, so I never got to go.”

“An Easy-Bake Oven” is what Spellflinger2019 was missing. “Not getting one destroyed my belief in Santa.” For BKStephens, it was “a full Voltron set. Only ever saw two in my life.”

There were lots of people who really wanted to have a cool Lego set when they were younger. Often these are way more expensive, and it was cheaper to buy the blocks instead of the sets. Huck4108 confirmed this when they wrote, “Legos. I only got a couple of sets ever because they’re too expensive. I got a bin at a tag sale, though, but no idea what the sets are or if they’re complete, but it was fun making my own stuff.”

Other retro toys that made a list include GI Joes, Barbie Dreamhouse, Nerf guns, and those fun shoes that have wheels on them. And the whole thread is making is want to take a trip to the toy store — and get that Lego set of our dreams.

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