Resurfaced Story About What Princess Diana Gave Harry for Breakfast Is So Relatable

"Mummy says it's okay!"

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Princess Diana and Prince Harry in 1986
Tim Graham / Contributor / Getty Images

Princess Diana’s former chef, Carolyn Robb, just told a story about Diana and Harry’s relationship that is sure to make everyone’s heart swell and remind us all of the persuasive power of our cute kids.

Carolyn Robb was the chef to both Princess Diana and her then-husband Prince Charles for 11 years, and even served the kids and other members of the Royal Family, per The Sunday Times. And Robb, in an old, resurfaced interview from 2019 that has gone viral once again, revealed that Diana was more than willing to indulge her kid’s desires — including dessert for breakfast. Once, Robb recalled in the sweet interview from 2019, Prince Harry once asked her whether or not he could have treacle tart for breakfast by walking into the kitchen at Kensington Palace before it was even served. For those who might not know what the classic British dessert is, treacle tart is a “sweet pastry consisting of a buttery shortcrust paste and a gooey filling made from treacle (aka golden syrup.”) Golden syrup is also something of a British invention — it’s a sugary syrup that’s also citrusy. It’s sold in the International Foods aisles at grocery stores, if at all. Like any good adult, Robb responded that Prince Harry had to ask his mom first before she served him the decadent dessert for the first meal of the day. And, per Robb, Princess Diana let him have his way! She said she “realized Harry had charmed his mother into indulging his sweet tooth.” She also said that it is his favorite dessert — or at least it was when he was a little kid.In response to the request, Princess Diana — maybe as a way of showing proof that she really was okay with it, as kids are known to bend the truth to say, get sweets for breakfast — wrote on a piece of paper, “Mummy says it’s okay!” The super-sweet story is accompanied by another sweet tidbit: that Robb kept the note and still treasures it to this day. As for how she thought Harry would be as a dad, some 3 years ago? “Fantastic, “caring,” and a dad who entertains “a lot of mischief.”

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