Researchers Found 6 Countries Most Likely to Survive Impending Climate Doom

The United States (barely) made the cut.

Climate change is a reality and with each passing day, the potentially catastrophic future gets closer to becoming the present. And when that future begins to take effect, which it will unless immediate and drastic climate action is taken, the devastating reality is that some countries will be affected more swiftly than others.

So where are the best places to (temporarily) escape climate change? The Global Sustainability Institute published a study that ranked the best countries to survive. Here are the results.

If you are trying to survive the impending apocalyptic effects of climate change, the Global Sustainability Institute says your best bet is heading to New Zealand. The reason for it landing the top spot is relatively straightforward: it’s an island that also has a ton of unused land, which means that when Mother Nature comes calling, there should be plenty of resources to use even as the ocean slowly but surely begins to rise and the world is set on fire. So if you’re planning to make the move, you’re probably best off breaking out those Flight of the Conchord albums and finally taking that Lord of the Rings walking tour.

After New Zealand, Tasmania is second on the list. You may only be familiar with Tasmania because of its titular devil, but the small Australian island has a lot of the similar advantages that New Zealand holds.

Next up is Ireland, as the country is packed with resources, and, once again, it’s an island.

Then comes Iceland (by now, you may be sensing a theme about islands being great escapes for climate change), though that choice is arguably questionable, given the fact that the country is already experiencing some of climate change’s effects due to the glaciers melting at historic rates.

In fifth place is the United Kingdom, which is similar to Ireland except for few resources and more people, which is not ideal for surviving the end of the world. You may have noticed that the United States did not make the top five but it did grab the sixth spot, though it did tie with Canada. America and its neighbor up north both have a ton of valuable land for agriculture but for right now, the excess of imports could present a problem, as does its shared border, as climate migration will become a reality.

Of course, if we do reach the point of the effects of climate change becoming irreversible, these countries are really just a way to buy time rather than survival. So hopefully, the world can get its act together and start trying to save us all from an extremely grim future.