Whoa! There’s a Hidden Way To Request New Movies On Disney+

Everyone quick, ask for The Muppets!

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Joshua Gillespie/Twitter

It’s been a few days now since Disney+ was released to the world, and thankfully we’ve all caught our breath again after hyperventilating while we waited for them to work out the bugs. We have been able to spend some time browsing the categories and seeing all the titles we’re going to fill our weekends watching. But along with that, there are some noticeable movies and TV shows missing, but thankfully there’s a hidden way to request new titles on Disney+. Here’s what we know.

Twitter user Joshua Gillepsie tweeted a photo after finding a request feature on Diseny+ that allows all of us to share what we want to see on the new streaming service. Clicking on the “help” button through browser or mobile, there are a few menu options to choose from. If you click on “Give Feedback” and then “Request a film or show” from the drop-down, you now have the ability to share what your heart wishes to watch.

As of right now, you’re able to request up to three titles per request submission, but they haven’t put a limit yet on how many times you can submit the request. So you know, ask away!

On Twitter, there have been several who have voiced their wishes for any of The Muppets movies or TV series season to be added to Disney+. Other classics like House of Mouse, Mickey Mouse Works, and the Aladdin TV shows have been requested already, according to Twitter users. There have been other titles that have surprised people by not already being on the platform including the Pixar movie Up, Disney’s Enchanted, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Disney+ has been open about the fact that some shows and movies won’t appear on the platform because of licensing agreements (or disagreements in this case) and the “age suitability of the content.” We’re sure that with the news that more Fox movies will be coming to the platform and the fact that in order to compete they need to evolve, we will see more and more titles before we know it.

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