Thread of What Kids Thought Was Wealthy Before They Grew Up Goes Viral

Well, the adult world isn't as fun as we thought.

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A kid puts dishes in a dishwasher

There are a lot of things that kids don’t fully grasp. And the reality is that they don’t know what they don’t know yet. The reality of their world isn’t nearly as stressful as real life tends to be. And money doesn’t work the same way they thought in their imagination. And a Reddit thread is bringing these hilarious truths to light.

Reddit user u/BumblingZombo hit up AskReddit with an interesting question that ties back to our childhood. They posed the question, “What is something you thought as a kid was a sign someone was rich, but now realize is something that everyone does?” And hundreds of people hit up the comments with some interesting answers.

“Kids who brought their lunch,” Dangerous_Effort3355 answered. “For a while, we got the discounted school lunch, so I assumed kids with lunch pails, and homemade sandwiches and snacks were rich.”

“Owning a dishwasher,” Ermaquillz shared. “I realize that there is still a population that doesn’t have dishwashers, but when I was a kid, I thought dishwashers were luxury items. I still don’t live in a place with a dishwasher, I’ve been doing them by hand all my life.”

For AngelFinally, it was all about an amenity in houses. “Having an ensuite. I desperately wanted my own bathroom as a kid, one that was only accessed from my bedroom,” they said. “That was the height of decadence and luxury in my 8-year-old opinion.” And llkknn agreed, answering, “Omg yes I once was at the house of one my handball teammates and she and her brother basically had their own floor in the house with their own bathroom. It sure felt surreal to me.”

One of the most popular answers in the thread was a bonus to an already bonus activity. Thatwickedlemur explains, “I know not everyone does this but buying popcorn at the movies,” they wrote. “My parents would get us to make it at home beforehand and sneak it in.” Many others chimed in with similar stories of their own about the popcorn at the movies flex.

Some other answers in the thread included having a “well-stocked assortment of band-aids,” people in the family being “well mannered,” the large box of crayons,” going on vacations, and living in a two-story house.

The Reddit thread is interesting to read through, and some of the answers are a little funny. But it also highlights the differences in accessibility people have all over. Someone would feel on top of the world with a bag of popcorn at the movies, while another would be thrilled to the moon to have a larger box of crayons. It’s a good thread to read through for some perspective.

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