Man Goes Viral After Reddit Tells Him His Girlfriend Is Pregnant

"Are you sure she's not pregnant?"

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A reddit thread screenshot over a photo of eggs cooking

A Reddit post went viral this week after a member posted a story to the AmItheAsshole sub. He was hoping to clear his conscience but the group of Internet sleuths helped him realize that he and his girlfriend were pregnant.

The writer of the post was a 26-year-old guy who goes by u/theomelette_. He asked,“AITA for refusing to make any more meals for my girlfriend after she kept complaining about my cooking?” He mentioned that things with his girlfriend have been, for the most part, great and that they’ve lived together for two years.

“We both work a lot, so we have both been very cranky and moody. Especially my girlfriend who’s snapped at me a few times and been in a really bad mood,” he begins, setting up the problem at hand. “For the past few days what’s really set her off is my cooking. I’m usually the one making breakfast, packing our lunches, and dinner. Literally anytime I’ve been at the stove, she complains about how bad the smell is and gives me crap about using stuff that has obviously gone bad according to her. Or saying it tastes like shit, won’t even finish eating.”

This certainly sounds infuriating, especially because it seems like he’s been cooking for her for years without criticism. One morning, he wrote, he was making an omelette and he got so frustrated by her criticism that he dumped the eggs in the trash and said he wouldn’t cook for her anymore.

“Here I am, sitting at home wondering if I was being an asshole for losing my cool and telling her I’m not cooking for her,” he wrote. He then posted the essay to the subreddit and awaited judgment.

But judgment, really, was not what he got. Instead, the top comment, which got 18,000 upvotes, asked for more information about the part where the boyfriend said the smell and the taste of the food were getting to her.

“Are you sure she’s not pregnant?” u/SnowFallenMemories asked.

“I…did not think about that honestly,” the original poster responded.

“Pregnancy was my first thought as well.. My sense of smell is insane already and was even worse when I was pregnant,” u/singing_stream said. “Some of the things i used to really enjoy made me feel seriously ill for a long while.”

“100 percent the only thought I had,” said u/Kebar8. “I cooked salmon and fed it to the cats and I couldn’t stand the smell….. when I was four weeks pregnant,” they said.

“NTA. Just a thought but my wife’s sense of smell became mega acute when she fell pregnant. Any chance?” one user delicately asked.

Thousands and thousands of comments suggested a similar thread — and the user took note in an update on the post after he and his girlfriend apologized to each other for losing their cool.

After noting that the couple made up and talked to each other about how they both overreacted, u/theomelette_ tried to delicately bring up if she might be pregnant. “My girlfriend got home and I decided to bring up her issues with the smell thing,” he said. “Praying to God she wouldn’t rip my head off for implying she was only mad because ‘hormones.’” A positive test later and, yep, they’re pregnant.

The happy, but freaked-out couple now have answers to a number of problems — like why perfectly good food was tasting bad to the mom-to-be and why she’s been so irritable — and they have the joy and excitement of a new baby on the way. Plus, a group of internet sleuths now can say they helped a couple realize what was happening before they even knew it themselves. Mazel tov to the happy couple.

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