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Pizza Hut Brings Back an Iconic Summer Reading Program For Your Kids

Free pizza for reading books? Can adults sign up, too?

Pizza Hut is relaunching its Camp BOOK IT! Program, a popular program in the ’90s that rewarded voracious young readers with delicious pizza. And beginning in June, your kid’s dedication to reading could earn them some pizza.

The program was designed to keep kids reading during the summer, which is typically a time where they would rather be doing pretty much anything other than reading a book. By enrolling in Camp BOOK IT!, kids from the ages of 4-12 receive a coupon for a personal pan pizza every time they hit their monthly reading goal from June through August.

In the past, parents had to mail in their kid’s reading list in order to receive the coupon but everything can now be done digitally. Parents can enroll their kids online and starting in June, track their progress on the digital dashboard as they attempt to reach their monthly goal.

Once they surpass their goal, kids are officially eligible to receive a free one-topping personal pan pizza coupon, which they can redeem online, over the phone, or in-store.

The relaunching of the BOOK IT! Program is part of Pizza Hut’s “Newstalgia” marketing campaign, which is focused on reviving popular programs and products in order to get customers excited about revisiting the chain pizza restaurant.

“The BOOK IT! Program was such an integral part of the heyday of Pizza Hut and the childhoods of those we’re reaching with our Newstalgia campaign,” said Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut. “It’s amazing to now be able to make reading fun for the next generation with great pizza, great books and engaging activities to fill their summer break, especially as uncertainties remain in the coming months.”

If you can’t get enough of the Newstalgia, you can even buy a vintage “BOOK IT!” t-shirt online, though they’re currently sold out. But more importantly, sign your kids up for the free pizza program… because reading books and eating pizza never hurt anybody.