Pink Helps Parents Think Twice Before Giving Kids Phones

"I'm not there yet."

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Pink and her daughter, Willow, stand on a football field
ANGELA WEISS / Contributor / Getty Images

Celebrities: they’re just like us! This time, Pink has revealed that she feels a lot like other parents when it comes to screen time — and when she’s finally going to be ready to let her grade-school age daughter, Willow, who is just 10-years-old and is in the fifth grade, get a cellphone.

The answer? Not yet! And the reason why is super relatable.

In an interview with Carson Daly, Pink said, “For kids, I’m not there yet. I have a 10-year-old daughter who does not have a phone, although she pointed out to me yesterday, ‘You know most of the kids in my class, fifth grade, have a phone.’”

Though Willow was clearly pushing all of her powers of persuasion against her rock-star mom, Pink responded, “That doesn’t move my needle. I don’t care.” Which: fair enough! Just because the other kids are doing it doesn’t mean Pink has to capitulate on her screen time boundary.

Plus, the strong boundary Pink is setting her really does make sense. Experts recommend waiting as long as you possibly can when it comes to giving your kid a cellphone. There’s an entire organization called Wait Until 8th, in which experts are urging parents of today’s kids to wait until they hit the 8th grade before they get a cellphone of their own. And Pink appears to be picking up on that.

“There’s a light side and a shadow side to technology in general for adults, as well,” she said.

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