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Then-And-Now Photos Of Chris Hemsworth's Daughter On The Set Of 'Thor' Are Too Adorable For Words

It was a full family affair!

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A side by side photo of Chris Hemsworth with his daughter and Chris Hemsworth in Thor
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Chris Hemsworth has played the hammer-wielding superhero Thor throughout the Avengers franchise movies for quite some time now. He’s starred in four Thor-led films, the latest being Thor: Love and Thunder. In a recent Instagram photo, Chris paid tribute to his "favorite superhero" who made their acting debut during Love and Thunder: his real-life 10-year-old daughter.

Hemsworth took to Instagram on July 11 to highlight his daughter's presence behind the scenes over the years he's been involved in the Thor franchise. With approximately 11 years between the first Thor movie and the most recent one, Chris's daughter, India Rose, has grown up on set.

The first of the two shots Chris shared on his Instagram profile features India Rose as a young baby. Chris towers next to her, dressed in his Thor costume while standing in front of a green screen. The second photo shows Chris on the set of Love and Thunder, with India Rose, now 10 years old, cuddled in his arms.

"Here's two pics of me and my daughter," he wrote. "One was the first time she was on set 11 years ago," Chris continued, "the other is the most recent on Thor: Love and Thunder." He ended his post by writing, "She's my favorite superhero."

India Rose wasn't just visiting on set for this movie, though — she made her acting debut playing the daughter of Gorr, a supervillain played by Christian Bale.

The star's two other children, 8-year-old twins Tristian and Sascha, also have cameos in the movie. Tristian takes on a younger version of Thor, and Sascha appears as an Asgardian kid. In addition, during an early scene where Thor is making out with someone, Chris's real-life wife, Elsa Pataky, makes a cameo in the background.

And it sounds like the family fun set went beyond the Hemsworths. Co-stars Bale and Natalie Portman's kids were also in minor roles, and one of director Taika Waititi's daughters is also featured in a small part.

But more than anything, the photos plainly illustrate the time it’s been between the first Thor — which really feels like it just came out yesterday — and today, which make us feel pretty old.

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