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Meet the 8-Foot-Tall Horse That’s Taken Over the Internet

This horse isn't from here, Abby!

If you think you’ve seen a horse, you’ve never seen a horse like this! Meet Phantom, a 7-year-old Shire breed horse that’s taken the internet by storm. He’s one of the world’s tallest horses, and videos from the rescue where he lives have gone mega-viral.

Phantom lives at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, a rescue center in Maryland. He had to move there after he outgrew his previous caregivers’ stables. Given his uncommon size, it’s not a surprise he needs some extra room. Phantom weighs a staggering 2,000lb and measures just under 7-feet-tall, or 20.1 hands to his withers. However, adding in his head, he sits around 8 feet.

The Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue shared a video of Phantom on TikTok. It was clear to everyone that this wasn’t a typical horse (which reminds us of a viral video from TikTok star Lubalin about an argument over the world’s tallest horse). A video introducing Phantom amassed close to 13 million views. And Phantom gets a similar reaction in public.


Have you met Phantom yet? At 7 years old, this handsome Shire stands at 20.1 hands tall! #bigasshorse #gentlegiant #shirehorse #draftrescue

♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

“We can’t take Phantom anywhere without crowds coming over to stand next to him and get a picture of the giant horse,” Lauren Nation, director of development at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue in Mount Airy, told Newsflare. “Many people can’t believe there are horses as big as him.”

According to Newsflare, Phantom is only an inch shorter than Big Jake, a Belgian horse. He was recognized as the world’s tallest horse living horse before his death last month. Guinness World Records lists Sampson (later renamed Mammoth) as the tallest and heaviest documented horse. He was also a Shire breed and was reported as 7 ft 2.5 in tall and weighing 3,359 pounds.

While Phantom can be intimidating just because of his size, Courtney Garner, a horse trainer at the rescue farm, says his looks are deceiving. “He has so much power but with his laid-back personality he prefers to take things slow and easy which makes the ride even nicer,” she said. “He is the definition of a gentle giant – goofy, loveable, wants all the attention. He comes to the fence line to greet guests and volunteers and is a pleasure to be around.”