Exactly How Many Parents Are Still Spanking Their Kids (Even Though It Doesn’t Work)

Below the belt.

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How Many Parents Are Spanking Their Kids

Fifty years of research of 160,927 kids has led to the conclusion that not only is spanking ineffective, it can turn your youngster into an aggressive, potentially violent dick. On average, children who were spanked displayed 13 out of 17 detrimental behavioral outcomes over time, including antisocial tendencies. Despite the mounting evidence that corporal punishment creates monsters, a recent poll from The PEW Research Center reveals that plenty of parents still need to knock it off.

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The survey looked at 1,807 parents ages 18 and older (with children under 18) in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. While only 4 percent of parents reported spanking often, as many as one in 6 resorted to it at least some of the time. Researchers found that there was somewhat of a racial divide, with 32 percent of black parents, 19 percent of hispanic parents, and 13 percent of white parents raising their hands. However, more hispanic parents stated they would never spank their kids (58 percent), compared to black and white parents, who said the same 31 and 55 percent of the time.

You don’t have to spank your kid to know that keeping your cool every time they test your temper is a tall order. Before things get out of hand (and onto butt), parenting coach Dr. Erica Reischer says that it’s all about establishing consistent consequences for bad behavior — none of which include you also behaving badly. As for the other grown ups, 100 percent of parents likely agree that if any of these spankers come at your kid, you’ll be ready to pick on someone your own size.

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