Getting In Shape For 'Ant-Man' Changed Paul Rudd's Fitness Mindset Forever

Paul Rudd recently sat down with Men’s Health to talk about getting in shape for the latest Marvel movie and how it shifted his approach to fitness forever.

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There are some celebrities who seem to defy the rules of aging, but no one fits that category more than Paul Rudd. He basically looks the same now as when we first saw him in Clueless decades ago, just with more muscle as he took on the role of Ant-Man in the Marvel universe. Rudd recently sat down with Men’s Health to talk about getting in shape for the latest Marvel movie, Quantumania, and how it shifted his approach to fitness forever.

Rudd worked hard to get into superhero shape when filming the first Ant-Man movie, and to do so, he had a detailed regimen and routine he followed, according to Men’s Health. “Trainers were hired, weights were lifted, sugar was omitted, pounds were shed, abs were uncovered,” the magazine explains. He would eat eggs every day, focus on protein, sleep, and lifting weights, and he found great comfort in the routine.

But his routine changed when he was on hiatus from filming Ant-Man and went into another project that didn’t require him to look like a superhero. So when it came time to jump back into the role of Ant-Man for the franchise’s latest movie, Rudd struggled.

“I worked really hard to get back into shape for Quantumania, and I realized, Oh my God, this is so much harder than it was [for the last Ant-Man project],” he shared with Men’s Health. “I had fallen off more than I had in the past...And I thought, God, this sucks...I was irritable and self-conscious. I just wasn’t in a good mood. I really beat myself up.”

Although in the end he was able to achieve what he set out to and felt confident, Rudd learned something about his approach to forever fitness and changed his regular routine to be way more holistically minded — and less about his career.

Now, he shared with Men’s Health, well after Ant-Man wrapped filming, he still does cardio regularly, lifts weights three days a week, and realizes just how much his level of fitness corresponds to his mental health. “I’ve learned so much about how my body reacts to foods, how it reacts to exercise, and where I’m happiest and how much it affects me mentally.” In other words, staying in shape isn’t just a job anymore.

“The fitness that I do now has less to do with the fact that I might have to do another Marvel movie or a magazine shoot and more because I finally understand if you make fitness a part of your lifestyle, you’ll just feel good,” he explained.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania hits theaters on Feb. 17, 2023.

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