These Parents Retold Their Kids’ Horrifying Real Life Ghost Stories

These rival any scary movie.

by Amanda Tarlton

Kids have been known to say some pretty creepy things, especially when it comes to ghosts and paranormal activity. Buzzfeed asked its community members to share their best stories of the time their own children saw spirits—and the responses were as frightening as you’d imagine.

Like the toddler who befriended a family of ghosts. “I heard her say, ‘I said, ‘STOP!’ So I went to check on her and asked who she was talking to. She calmly pointed at the AC vent and said, ‘The family who lives in the vents. The little boy is bothering me.'”

Or the boy who saw his dead great-grandfather. “Ever since my little brother could talk, he would tell us about a man he calls ‘Scary’, who stands in the corner of his room when the lights are off… once my brother pointed to a picture of my great-grandfather — who he has never seen or met — and said, ‘Look, it’s Scary!'”

Or the kid with the haunted chair. “[My son] had a rocking chair in his bedroom, and he was really afraid of it. He kept talking about ‘the boy’ in his chair,” the mom wrote. She added that they later found out “a little boy drowned behind our house a very long time ago. I guess he wanted to play with my son.”

But one of the best (or rather, creepiest) stories was one woman’s own ghost sighting. “When I was a kid, I used to play for hours with someone I thought was an imaginary friend only I could see,” she wrote. When her mom asked who it was, the woman said it was her brother, which infuriated her mom.

The woman never understood why until years later when she learned that she did, in fact, have a brother—who died a year before she was born.

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