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7 Best Scary Stories For Kids and How to Tell Them

These stories will have them spooked!

Movies and TV can be terrifying thanks to suspenseful music and terrifying CGI visuals that’ll give the kids nightmares, but sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down and reading a spooky story aloud as a family. (Come on, this was the primary form of entertainment since humans could verbally communicate!) As everyone knows, as you read, your kid’s imagination is stimulated. You can make up unique voices for each character and channel Jeremy Irons or Morgan Freeman. You can really get your kids invested in the story you’re telling by pausing for dramatic effect, shouting unexpectedly and turning off the lights except for the sole flashlight that you’ll use to read by. This is an opportunity to be the narrator you’ve always wanted to be. Give your Oscar-winning performance, your kids will remember it forever. They might even want it to be an annual tradition. In this list below, you’ll find a number of classic legends and spooky Halloween stories to lend your voice to.