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Data Scientist Explains Exactly What It’s Like To Be A Dad In 8 Graphs

From how likely you are to get divorced to how likely you are to die, Nathan Yau (the father of Flowing Data) has taught you many big ticket things. However, one detail that’s been absent from his analysis is whether or not Yau has kids himself — that is, until now. His latest creation essentially confirms what may have been your initial hypothesis: You’re damn right this guy is a dad.

Though he doesn’t mention his specific kids, these unscientific data visualizations show perspective you can’t get without parenting. The resulting graphs are an anecdotal departure from Yau’s past work, and yet still seem spot-on. But feel free to crunch the numbers yourself, since you’re as much of an expert on the subject as the statistician in question. Unlike his past posts, you wont find “nerd notes” section here — probably because being a dad is pretty cool … no matter what your kid says.


[H/T] Flowing Data