Otter Pops or Freezies? The Internet Can’t Agree on What to Call These Frozen Treats

Why does such a simple dessert have so many names?

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Twitter: @fetusleen

If there’s one thing, the internet loves, it’s having heated debates about mostly inconsequential topics, like Jedi fashion or what liquid goes best with cereal. The latest argument revolves around what to call a popular frozen dessert, as thousands of people all across the globe can’t agree on the name of these tiny, tube-shaped popsicles that can be bought in bulk.

The debate was started on Twitter by user @fetusleen, who posted a photo of the treats with the caption: “it’s dead summer. your mom comes home from the store with THESE. what do u call these and what is the best color?”

This seemingly innocent question ended up sparking some heated discourse, as people were shocked to discover that these mini-popsicles are called different names. And the thousands of passionate replies proved that people had very strong feelings about the one true name of this beloved cold summer snack.

The most popular answers appeared to be Otter Pops or Fla-Vor-Ice, which are regional brands (the former is based in California, while the latter has East Coast ties).

There was a healthy amount of support for Freeze Pops or Ice Pops sprinkled in as well.

The discussion even went international, with Canadians identifying them as Freezies.

While Australians once again proved their penchant for delightfully goofy names by revealing they call them Zooper Doopers. Because why the hell not?

For the most part, the answers seemed to be regional, though there were some cultural examples too. Such as a few Mexican users insisting that they were called Bolis.

So the real answer? Well, some would argue freeze pops is the actual name of the treat, while all these other titles are just specific brands. While technically correct, the real answer is there probably isn’t a real answer, much like how people will have wild different names for sandwiches or soda depending on where they grew up. But at the very least, regardless of name, we can all agree that red and blue were the best flavors, right?

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