Of Course ‘The Mandalorian’ Cereal Will Have Baby Yoda Marshmallows

Feed the Child to your child.

Baby Yoda has already conquered streaming and memeing, and now the best part of The Mandalorian is coming to the cereal aisle.

General Mills just announced a Mando-themed cereal with an Instagram post of the cereal box. The concoction will consist of sweetened corn puffs paired with light green marshmallows shaped like The Child’s distinctive silhouette not, unfortunately, whole frogs.

We’ve come a long way from the early days of the show, when the need to keep Baby Yoda a secret made the standard Star Wars title merchandise ramp-up impossible. Some factory would have inevitably leaked a picture of the character, ruining the shock ending of the first episode in the process.

The marquee original title at Disney+’s launch was more important as a motivation for subscribers to sign up than it was as a driver of merch sales, so here we are, nearly six months later, with tons of toy Baby Yoda merch to now choose from. A kid-centric cereal was the logical next step in this plan to catch up.

As for when you can get your hand on some Yoda-O’s, General Mills said in its post only that the cereal would be available “later this summer.” So while we haven’t had the chance to down a bowl just yet, we can assume that this stuff tastes best doused in, you guessed it, blue milk.