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New York State Could Become First To Pass Law Banning Gas Stoves

Gas stoves could be banned from new construction in the state as soon as next week.

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Stainless steel pot cooking on a gas stove.

New Yorkers may see a gas stove ban in new construction in the state as soon as next week.

According to Politico, New York state lawmakers are poised to enact the first legislative ban on gas appliances in new buildings. Gov. Kathy Hochul is pushing legislation that would ban fossil fuel hookups in newly constructed buildings — including single-family homes — beginning with smaller buildings in 2025 and large ones in 2028. The proposal does not apply to already existing buildings.

Although New York isn’t the first to ban gas stoves in new constructions, it will be the first state to do so through legislation.

“New York would be the first to take this step through legislative action,” Politico explains. “California and Washington have done so through building codes. An agreement has not been finalized to ensure passage, but the new restrictions are included in all three plans being discussed in Albany.”

According to federal data, around 38% of homes nationwide use a gas range, cooktop, or oven, but that percentage is far higher in New York, where the number is almost doubled at 62%.

Environmentalists and health experts have been studying the health impact natural gas can have, and there have been several surprising and important findings.

One study found that toxic chemicals and known carcinogens leak from gas stoves even when they’re not turned on. Another study found that approximately one in eight cases of asthma in U.S. children (12.7%) is attributable to gas stove emissions. Removing gas stoves from homes could prevent new cases of childhood asthma by up to 18.8% in New York alone.

If you’re worried about your gas stove and are looking to buy a new appliance, Biden’s inflation reduction act includes an $840 tax credit if you qualify for the full rebate.

If getting a new range is out of reach financially — or if you’re a renter and can’t control which appliances are in your home — there are some steps you can take to limit your exposure to the chemicals released by the gas range. You can use an exhaust or vent hood fan that moves the air outside, keep windows open while you cook, and use a box fan to keep the air moving.

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