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Will the Name of the Kingdom in ‘Tangled’ Get Changed?

It might be a wise move.

Credit: Disney

The whole world is talking about the coronavirus, and it’s understandable. Never in our lifetime has something like this impacted the world as a whole. Many of us are doing our part by staying indoors and watching TV and movies, staying away from people. Disney has always produced movies that we can watch over and again without getting bored, and it seems a lot of people have recently viewed the 2010 film Tangled recently. And it has people wondering if the name of the kingdom is going to be changed for the next movie.

Over this past weekend, “What was the name of the kingdom in ‘Tangled?’” was the most Googled question. And the answer to that question is very fitting to today’s time.

Yes, the name to the Kingdom where everyone got sick, then Rapunzel was taken away and distanced from society was called “corona.” And the similarities didn’t end there. People on Twitter started to share the other similarities they found in the 2010 Disney movie.

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And others noticed that the lyrics in the song “When Will My Life Begin” gives some useful tips on what we can do while we’re stuck at home in quarantine.

If Disney ever makes a Tangled 2 (a real one, the Ever After special didn’t count), wonder if they will rename the Kingdom or if Rapunzel and Rider will conveniently move to another area to avoid the whole Corona thing? It would be a wise move, but as it turns out, the word “corona” means something fitting to Tangled and the virus (and the beer).

While there haven’t been any plans to do another movie with Rapunzel and Rider, it would be interesting to see what, if anything, they do about that name.