This Guy Discovered What Happened to Mufasa’s Body in ‘Lion King’ — It’s Shocking

Uh, this might not be something you show your kids.

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A TikToker by the name of Christian Jones thinks he knows what happened to Mufasa’s body after his untimely death in Disney’s The Lion King, and his video explaining his theory has since gone viral — for good, and shocking, reasons.

Jones, who was watching The Lion King on a random day as all of us are wont to do, started thinking hard about what happened to Mufasa’s body — a question I admit I’ve never asked myself. After all, it seemed obvious to me that, after the extremely emotionally manipulative scene in which Simba tries to wake up his dad and can’t because he’s dead, Mufasa’s body decomposed and became a part of the famous ‘Circle of Life’ they’re always talking about in the movie. But Jones has a far more sinister suggestion as to what happened here — that Scar, the movie’s ultimate villain, ate Mufasa after he died. I know, shocking.

The video begins by asking, “So mufasa dies right?”, text superimposed over Mufasa falling to his death. But then Jones asks what happens to his body, and notes that hyenas don’t usually eat lions — and that lions are apex predators that don’t get eaten by any other animals… except for other lions.

“So…,” he says. “Watch this scene… one more time,” and then points to the scene when Scar is holding up a decomposed skull as he sings and talks to himself. He then googles lion skulls and, reader, they look pretty damn similar. “WTF,” jones writes. “So that means… Whatttt!?!?”

Add that to the fact that The Lion King is famously based on Hamlet, (depending on who you ask) a play in which a character holds a skull of someone he knows, and it might be that the skull Scar is holding is the one that used to belong to Mufasa. But did he eat him? Or did hyenas clean up Mufasa’s dead body and bring Scar the trophies of his so-called winnings? Or is it the skull of another animal altogether?

These questions might be unanswerable, and they are, above all, very disturbing. File this one under things you might not share with your kids until they are older. But either way, it’s a fun…ish… thing to consider.

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