This Map of the Most Popular Beers in Each State Shows That People Really Like Bad Beer

It's the map Budweiser would like you to see. But it might really be people's favorite beer?

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There are some topics that always land in a debate, from the intellectually serious to the more fun. Trying to agree on which beer is the best is one of those debates that can keep us up all night. Not only do people discuss what type of beer is the best – whether you’re a fan of a lager, stout, pale ale – but trying to convince someone that cheap beer is better than a good microbrewery offering can be a frustrating conversation, too. Now, there’s a map that shows the most popular cheap beers in each state … but we have a few questions.

Research agency TOP Data tried to find out which beer brands have “been getting Americans through the pandemic,” and how much beer Americans are drinking. The data collected shows that there was an 8.9 percent increase in alcohol consumption among Americans between 2020 to 2022 during the pandemic. The number is slightly higher than the last report from TOP Data, which showed an 8.2 percent beer consumption increase during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the agency didn’t disclose how they compiled the data and information, which questions they asked or how many people were surveyed. We’re not saying we don’t believe that people like Budweiser this much. We’re just asking questions! Like, people really don’t care for Miller Lite (apparently, only people from New Jersey and Indiana love it) or where the Modelo or Miller High Life or Pabst Blue Ribbon lovers are. The hipsters weren’t polled!

TOP Data

Taking a look at TOP Data’s website, it’s not clear if this particular study was commissioned by Budweiser, but they do disclose a connection with the company saying they were tasked with coming up with a “data study that would first generate insights about the brand” and then using those insights to made decisions to keep the brand on top of mind.

But the data did show some changes across a few states with some microbreweries. Local brands like “Spotted Cow, Lone Star, Denver Beer, and Dogfish Head starting to make headway” in a few of the states. After all, Wisconsinites are very beer loyal, and Lone Star is arguably the cheap beer of Texas.

But our skepticism can’t get us everywhere. According to a 2021 study highlighted by Statista, Budweiser “was the most valued beer brand worldwide in 2021.” VinePair highlighted another study by Drinks International, which consulted 106 bars around the world to determine the best-selling beers in the world, which named Budweiser in the second spot, just behind a beer called Snow.

Either way, grab whatever beer you please — either a Budweiser or beer from your local brewery — and crack one open.