Mom’s Viral TikTok “Morning Announcement” Videos For Remote School Are Hilarious

If it's going to be stressful, you may as well laugh through it.

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This school year has been a rocky one for many families. We’ve had to get used to new routines since most of our kids in some variant of remote school—whether that be 100 percent remote or a hybrid of in-class and at-home lessons. It’s had a big impact on our routine and has increased our stress levels–for both parents and kids. One mom decided to make the most of this stressful situation and infuse some humor into her day, which now includes having her 17-year-old high school senior in remote school.

According to Good Morning America, Deb Plafker from Danville, California, aka Principal Mom, has gotten used to her new routine while her oldest son does school from home. With the help of her daughter, Jamie, Deb has been sharing morning announcements she makes for her less-than-thrilled son, Max, every day. If you’ve got stress, might as well make fun of it, right?

The announcements are spoofs of what a typical high school announcement would be, but with a twist for the remote school realities. Some of her announcements include notes that drama class is canceled for the day because Max’s sister is providing enough drama for the day.

Sports have been canceled due to the pandemic, but Principal Mom reinforces the importance of being a sport supporter. There’s even a play of the “national anthem,” which happens to the popular yet annoying song, “Baby Shark.”

“We were making jokes about all the funny things that would happen during this online coronavirus school time,” 22-year-old Jamie told Good Morning America. “I started writing them all down and said, ‘We have to put this on TikTok.”

“I wrote a little script and said, ‘You’re the actress,'” Jamie continued. “And so, “Principal Mom” was born.”

Jamie shares the videos on TikTok and between the hilarious topics of each morning’s announcement to Deb’s seriously funny delivery, the videos have gone viral, with the first day of school racking up 4 million views and each one after blowing up, too.

“It started out as a joke in our house and now we’ve warmed people’s homes,” Deb told Good Morning America. “It’s really nice.”

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