Mom Causes Controversy When She Tells Daughter to Kick Bullies in the Balls

Some praised the mom for empowering her daughter. Others condemned her for endorsing violence.

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Dallas-based blogger and mom Mandi Castle managed to stir up some controversy earlier this month when she wrote a post about how she gave her six-year-old daughter permission to kick her schoolyard bullies in the balls. Castle explained that her daughter came to her complaining of a couple of boys who were bullying her at school. Castle was initially skeptical of her daughter’s claim, but after learning the boys had touched her butt and called her fat, she quickly gave her daughter the go-ahead to kick the boys right in the ball bag if they ever mess with her again. This whole thing would be hilarious.

The post went viral and the Internet, being the civil place it is, was extremely divided over whether or not Castle made the right call by encouraging her daughter to use such violence against her bullies. Most parents praised Castle for empowering her daughter and not letting these bullies continue to harass her at school, noting that girls are often raised to accept unfair treatment instead of standing up for themselves.

Others felt that her message crossed the line by encouraging violence as a response to violence, especially considering that she provided step-by-step instructions on how to properly deliver a foot to the nuts.

While laughing at dudes getting hit in the jewels has been one of humanity’s favorite pastimes for thousands of years, we rarely think about the long-term risks that come with it. Yes, it’s true that testicles are made of a spongy material that makes them high on pain but well-protected, if damage does occur, it can often be devastating. Testicular torsion, contusions, and other such injuries are no laughing matter. That said, a well-placed hit to them is an effective means of self-defense.

This is obviously a sad situation involving a six-year-old girl who has been bullied to the point where she feels uncomfortable simply existing at school. Castle deserves to be commended for arming her daughter with advice. And, in her original piece, she makes it very clear she only wants her daughter to use violence as a last resort. Last resorts exist for a reason. Sometimes, a kid will need to use them. Sometimes, a lesson needs to be learned.

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