Mom’s Viral, Impressively Wrong NFL Team Name Guesses Are Hilarious

Her guess for the New England Patriots wasn't that bad...

A mom’s hilarious and impressively wrong attempts at guessing the names of the NFL teams just by looking at the logos has gone viral on TikTok. We’ve seen a dad attempt this for baseball, and fail hilariously, too, but this mom did it all even better.

TikTok user Alex Presley, on May 21, shared a video where his mom guessed the logos of several national football league teams. And the video went viral because his mom is surprisingly, shockingly, impressively bad at guessing.

Alex showed his mom the logo for the Los Angeles Chargers, she focused in on the lighting bolt. She had the right idea but failed with her guess of “Somethin Shazaam.” Next up was the logo for the Minnesota Vikings which prompted his mom to say, “it looks like a construction worker with horns.”

“Texas horseshoe,” is what she guessed when shown the Indianapolis Colts logo, and when she was shown the NFL logo with a red helmet, for the Cleveland Browns team, she took it to task saying it’s not a logo, “it’s just a helmet.” She noticed the number 8 on the helmet and guessed “the 89ers.”

The first video caught the attention of so many people with over 2.3 million views and everyone wanted another part. So, Alex and his mom gave the people what they wanted.

For part 2, Alex’s mom was shown the majestic logo for the Denver Broncos and guessed “Miami Mustangs,” guessed “Oregon Pirates” for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and simply said, “Wisconsin” for the Washington Football team. Next up was her guess for the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots which were also hilariously wrong.

In the comments, people praised mom’s NFL logos guesses for being a lot closer to the actual titles in the second part, and the official TikTok for New England Patriots seemed to dig her suggested name based on its logo. And it’s just feel good, adorable fun and we’re here for more of this!