Mom Forgot It Was School Picture Day, and It Couldn’t Have Gone More Wrong

"It just fits Emma's personality and 2020 so well."

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Mom Forgot It Was School Picture Day
Credit: TikTok / paigepuhlease

This year has been a strange one, and while we could rattle on about all the challenges we’ve faced and everything negative that’s happened, we’ve had some bright spots, too. There have been stories of kindness to others, a demand for change that’s long overdue, and some hilarious fails we can all laugh at together. Like this one where a mom forgot it was school picture day, sent her child to school with an outfit she chose herself, and it couldn’t have gone more wrong if she tried.

According to BuzzFeed News, Paige Ward is raising her four kids in Oklahoma, including her youngest, 2-year-old Emma. Paige said that her daughter Emma is a joy, and she has been the light of the family since the day she was born, impressing everyone around her with her outgoing personality.

Like so many others, Paige has been working overtime. Recently, she crashed after working a 60-hour workweek at the urgent care clinic and woke up early in the morning to take Emma to school the next day.

“I woke up that morning exhausted and grabbed the first thing out of her closet I could see, which happened to be the famous ‘sasshole’ shirt,” she told BuzzFeed News.

What is this famous “sasshole” shirt? Paige explained to the publication that since her daughter has always had an outgoing personality, a family friend had a T-shirt made for Emma in honor of her spicy disposition. The shirt, which mom thought was funny, and her daughter wore a few times, is a black shirt with the word “sasshole” written in white across the middle.

And it’s that shirt that Emma was wearing on that fateful morning. When they arrived at school, Paige said her fiancé saw camera equipment outside the school and wondered if it was picture day. Paige, not having any paperwork notifying her that picture day was coming up, said she didn’t even give it a second thought.

Credit: TikTok / paigepuhlease

Her fiancé was proven right two days later, and Paige had the photo proofs to prove it. She saw the photos, including the hilarious T-shirt and her daughter’s mischievous smile, and freaked out. At first, she worried she would be judged as a bad mother, but really just thought it was hysterical.

She added, “But the entire time, I was dying laughing because it just fits Emma’s personality and 2020 so well.” And she shared it on TikTok, giving everyone else a much-needed laugh, too.

The video went massively viral on the platform racking up more than 4.9 million views, and most people appreciated the laugh. Thankfully, there are still some moments we can pull out of 2020 that we’ll remember with a smile, and Emma’s photographs are one of them.

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