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Mom Beats COVID, Has C-Section, Gives Birth to Triplets

Now this is quite the birth story.

The Woman's Hospital of Texas @

The story of one amazing Houston mom named Maggie has gone viral today after doctors at the Women’s Hospital of Texas revealed her amazing story on Facebook and Instagram. Maggie was 28 weeks pregnant a month ago when she arrived at the hospital at her admission time to monitor her babies that she was pregnant with. The mom, pregnant with triplets underwent a mandatory COVID-19 test before she could be admitted — which is currently standard policy at most hospitals across the country. She was surprised, then, to learn that she actually did have COVID-19. 

But the hero mom, according to hospital reps, was way more concerned with the health of her three babies, her husband, and her 5-year-old son, who all weren’t able to visit her at the hospital after her husband tested positive for the virus. She was in the hospital for three weeks and, after five grand-total COVID-19 tests, Maggie came back with a great test result: she no longer had the virus.

Meet the strong firecracker who beat #COVID19 during her third trimester then delivered healthy triplets at The Woman’s…

Posted by The Woman's Hospital of Texas on Friday, July 3, 2020

But the problems didn’t end there, per People. Although she no longer had the deadly virus, one of her babies had an umbilical cord wrapped around their neck. She had to have an emergency C-section — that very day. Maggie’s family couldn’t come to the hospital, as her husband was still recovering from the virus, so she talked to them over facetime as she began to prep for the C-section.

Luckily, all three of her babies, Isabella, Nathaniel, and Adriel, were born healthily and safely. They’re currently getting stronger and healthier in Level II ICU — and Maggie is recovering at home from the surgery and COVID, looking forward to greeting her babies at home. What a story!