Mom Accidentally Orders Her Daughter a Shirt That Says ‘Fuck the Police’

"I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process."

Facebook: Kelsey Dawn Williamson

If you’ve ever ordered something online, you’ve probably had the experience of something with your order being screwed up. While this is usually nothing more than a pain in the ass, one mom was equal parts shocked and amused to find that the adorable shirt she bought for her daughter came with a hilariously obscene message inspired by a beloved gangster rap group.

Kelsey Dawn Williamson wanted to get her daughter Salem a popular Frog and Toad t-shirt and she ordered one online from Ali Express, a Chinese retailer. However, when the shirt came, Kelsey was surprised to find that written beneath the photo of the titular frog and toad riding bikes was the message: “Fuck The Police.”

“O”I literally did not know how to react so I just took a few moments to stare at it and try to process,” she told Buzzfeed News.

Needless to say, the title of the NWA song was not featured on the shirt that she ordered but rather than get too angry, Kelsey decided to laugh at the absurdity of the situation and share a photo of her daughter wearing the explicit shirt online.

Unsurprisingly, the post showing hilariously NSFD (not safe for daycare) quickly went viral, as it has been shared more than 27,000 times on Facebook in just two days. While there were naturally some assholish trolls trying to parent-shame a perfectly innocent mix-up, the overwhelming majority of commenters simply voiced how funny they found the whole situation.

“This is hysterical,” wrote one user. “I would have most definitely taken a picture!”