We Should All Channel Michael Caine’s Twitter Energy

Not a lot of people know that.

Michael Caine
George Pimentel / Contributor / Getty Images

Social media has been a big downer for a lot of people over these past few years. We’re used to people sharing their opinions – and ones we don’t necessarily agree with. But there’s been so much divide between politics and COVID, plus everything else people argue about. It’s daunting. However, if we all channeled Michael Caine’s Twitter energy imagine how amazing the world would be.

Michael Caine is a gift to the world. He’s an incredible actor who’s brought so many cool characters to life. And he seems just as charming and sweet in real life, too, and the energy he puts into social media is what we all need to strive for, too.

The 89-year-old actor doesn’t tweet a lot. In fact, he recently tweeted for the first time since January and we’re so glad he did.

“Hello!” he wrote on April 25. Followed by, “Good Night My Sweet Ones.”

No context, just pure happy that probably made everyone who came across the tweet smile. And one person noticed that Michael’s whole Twitter account is basically wholesome, charming, goodness.

“Your Twitter over the last three months: Petty drama, tiring politics, probably a dumpster fire,” Twitter user OliverJia1014 wrote. “Michael Caine’s Twitter over the last three months,” he added, sharing a screenshot Michael’s words.

And he’s right. There’s definitely a release of endorphins and happy hormones when we read his past tweets – particularly if we read them in Michael’s own voice.

So, if you’re feeling down in the dumps or you need a quick pick-me-up, pull up Michael’s Twitter profile, scroll back a few months, sit in the sun, and soak it all in.