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Michael Bublé’s Toddler Tearfully Admits She Likes Marvel, Not Princesses in Viral Post

"I should have seen it coming....Her first words were 'I AM INEVITABLE!'"

Michael Bublé’s two-year-old daughter shared a tearful admission on Instagram, hilariously revealing that she prefers Iron Man, Black Widow, and the rest of the superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over princesses like Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine.

The singer shared a video of him holding his daughter Vida when he asks her if she likes “the princesses.”

“No,” she firmly replies.

What do you like?” Bublé asks Vida.

“I like Marvel,” she declares.

Bublé is clearly excited by his daughter’s revelation, as he is nodding his head happily as she once again confirmed her love for the MCU.

“I should have seen it coming….Her first words were ‘I AM INEVITABLE!'” Bublé wrote as the caption for the post, jokingly referencing Thanos, the primary villain in the MCU.

The hilarious video clearly resonated with fans, as it has received over half a million views and over 100,000 likes since Bublé posted it yesterday.

It’s a fun and adorable video but it does also speak to how much society still expects kids to have certain interests based on their gender. And whether it is intentional or not, girls are often told they should like more traditionally feminine things like princesses, while boys are told they should like more traditionally masculine stuff like trucks, and, well, Iron Man.

To Bublé’s credit, his reaction makes it obvious that has absolutely no issue with his daughter preferring Marvel to princesses. He also clearly loves being a dad and he wrote on Father’s Day about how much he enjoys getting to be the embarrassing dad to his kids.

“Growing up I could get pretty embarrassed by my Dad but he was always my hero, you know,” Bublé wrote as the caption to his Father’s Day post. “Now it’s my turn to embarrass my children, but hopefully, thirty years from now, I’ll be their hero too!”