There Is A Viagra For Women And It’s Called Weed

Green with ... not envy.

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When the FDA approved Addyi last year, the pink pill pitched as “Viagra for women” was about as successful an aphrodisiac as football. The drug causes a variety of side effects like low blood-pressure, dizziness, and fainting — and all that stuff was increased by drinking alcohol, taking birth control and pretty much anything else sexually active women do. Meanwhile, it turns out that women could take regular viagra all along. Researchers from Northwestern University and UCLA found that Viagra helped women orgasm by increasing their blood flow, though it did not treat their emotional desire for sex. Since the elusive female orgasm is mostly mental, they were still barking up the wrong tree.

Or, make that the wrong plant. According to a recent survey, the cure for a lagging female libido might be marijuana. HelloMD, the “leading digital healthcare platform for the cannabis industry,” asked 1,400 medical marijuana patients in California about their use and weren’t too stoned to crunch the numbers. They didn’t specifically ask subjects if they used weed for sex, but 14 percent reported using it to enhance their sex lives and 47 percent used it to improve their mood — presumably a turn-on for everyone involved. While more men are using weed than women (64 versus 36 percent), women beat out men when it came to using it for sex (8 versus 4 percent). Given the slow creep of access to medical and recreational marijuana in 22 other states, it’s not a huge leap to suggest that Californians aren’t the only couples smoking up to get down.


If having kids threw a wrench in your sex life (something that’s been known to happen once or twice), and if you and the missus enjoy the odd toke, and you live somewhere you can get marijuana without getting all arrested and stuff, it’s something to consider. If nothing else, having the conversation will remind her you care about her sexual experiences as much as your own, which will come in handy if you ever want her to share her weed with you.

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