Moon Worms, Massive Mars: Here’s Everything To Stargaze This March

Don't miss any weird sky stuff happening this month.

A white pale moon over a dark blue sky with pink clouds

It’s March, somehow! While another month is here, causing us all to ponder the ceaseless march of time (no pun intended) the calendar shifting is not all bad news. After all, the new month means that there’s another set of opportunities to witness the sky getting really beautiful and really weird. It can be tough to keep track of all the sky happenings but luckily, we compiled a list of a few of the must-see sky moments happening in March.

Here is what you’ll want to see in the sky — and when you will want to head outside and give the stars a good looking.

March 1-7

Wednesday, March 3:Saturday, March 6:Moon-Antares team-up

March 8-14

Saturday, March 13:

March 15-21

Tuesday, March 16:Friday, March 19:

March 22-31

Sunday, March 28:Worm Moon