This Map Shows the Most Popular Beer in Every State

Which brew did your state choose?

by Catherine Santino
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A map showing most popular beers in every state

Memorial Day is behind us, which means that it’s officially the season for a cold, crisp beer. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, though, as different regions across the U.S. have strong opinions on their brew of choice. AskMen conducted a Google Survey of 1,000 men in the U.S. to discover the most popular beer in all 50 states – and some results might surprise you.

Budweiser took the top spot with 18.4 percent of states selecting it as their favorite. “All-American” states like Texas, Kentucky, and Alabama all chose the well-known lager, with Alaska pulling the highest numbers: 100% of polled residents voted for it.

Coors Light is another staple for Americans coming in at 13.7 percent. Though it didn’t pull through in its home state of Colorado, Coors Light did win the hearts of voters in Arizona, New Mexico, and New Jersey.

It’s not surprising that Corona, decidedly one of the most refreshing of beers, ranked highest sunny states like California and Florida. The light, crisp beverage came in third overall with 11.8 percent. Pabst Blue Ribbon was another unsurprising pick for hipster paradises Washington and Oregon states.Blue Moon, Stella Artois, and Miller Lite were also standouts, but there were some other, uh, out there choices. Idaho selected Mike’s Hard Lemonade as its favorite, which is not only not a beer but also typically chosen by tweens drinking for the first time. Nonetheless, you do you, Idaho.


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