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3 Shower Beer Holders That Make It Easy to Enjoy a Brew in the Shower

Drinking a beer in the shower is one of life's great pleasures. These holders make the experience that much better.

A shower beer is one of life’s great indulgences.  We know this from experience, but there’s also scientific evidence that a shower beer can improve productivity and creativity. Since you’ll need your hands free to lather, rinse, and repeat as you enjoy your beer (or Pepsi, Fresca, or whatever beverage brings you joy) — and because you don’t want to spill your precious drink down the drain, a shower beer holder is an excellent addition.

We found three great shower beer holders that provide a great place to rest your can or bottle between sips. They look different and use different mechanisms to stick to the wall, but they’re all better than balancing your beer on the edge of the tub.

A silicone cupholder that's great for glossy surfaces.

The Sudski doesn’t use any kind of suction cup to stick to your shower walls. Instead, it uses patented technology to securely grip to any kind of glossy surfaces such as  glass, mirror, marble, glazed tiles, and laminate. It’s sized to fit a standard 12-ounce can snugly.

The SipCaddy uses a standard suction cup, so it's easy to move around as need be. It also comes in six different colors.

A standard can or bottle of beer fits nicely into the SipCaddy, but the open base means that you can also slide in a stemmed wine glass on those occasions when a shower pinot sounds nicer than a shower IPA. The suction cup itself is rated at seven pounds when installed correctly, so it’ll have no problems supporting your beer.

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The turning mechanism on this cupholder means your beer won't be going anywhere.

The suction cup on this shower cupholder can be tightened and loosened with a turn of the frame surrounding it, a feature that makes us more confident attaching it to the wall and less worried that it won’t reattach if we need to move it around. The spring that holds your beer is made of food great stainless steel that will resist rust, so it’s great for damp environments.

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