Ready for Greener Pastures? Map Shows The Best Suburbs in the U.S.

More space for less money? What's not to love?

a map of the best suburbs in the United States

As an angst-filled teen, you likely dreamed of escaping the suburbs and living a life of luxury and glamor in the big city. But after several years of city life, you likely find yourself dreaming of escaping your overpriced, undersized apartment and returning to the spacious suburban existence. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to check out this map that shows the 20 best suburbs to move to in the entire United States of America.

The map was created by as a response to the COVID pandemic, which made remote work the new normal and caused many city-dwellers to consider moving to greener pastures sooner rather than later.

To determine the top 20 suburbs, they compiled a listing of 50 suburbs based on the U.S. Census’s list of fastest-growing towns in each state and gave each of them a score that was based on nine factors, including median listing price, median square footage, school district score, and race & ethnic diversity levels.

The rankings revealed that if you are looking to move into an affordable house that is decent-sized, your best bet is heading to Westfield, Indiana. Unsurprisingly, the midwest and the south occupy most of the spots on the list, as both regions are a lot more affordable than living on either coast. Texas alone has three in the top 10, as Forney, Leander, and Little Elm were determined to be high-quality suburbs.

While most of the top suburbs are in the middle of the map, there are a few options for those who would like to be relatively coastal. Happy Valley is less than a half-hour drive from Portland, allowing you to keep the dream of the 90s alive while actually affording to own a home. And New Windsor is about 90 minutes from Manhattan, which is about how long it can take to get back to Brooklyn with train delays.

Finally, if your ideal suburban paradise includes a healthy amount of marijuana, you may want to head to Windsor, as Colorado has statistically been proven to be a state filled with kind buds smoking kind bud.